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By Mike Kocsis | 1 minutes read |
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  • mix and inject HCG with TRT

    In this article and step by step guide along with our video we are going to show you how you can mix, inject and reconstitute HCG. This example shows a subcutaneous injection of HCG which is taken alongside TRT medication to help maintain fertility.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Clean your table surface and prepare the area, along with washing your hands and ensuring you have a sharps bin available. Ensure you have the correct syringes available, in this example we use a 2ml.
    2. Ensure you have a needle filter ready and alcohol wipes.
    3. The box comes with 3 separate viles, simply pull out one and discard the sterile saline provided in the box.
    4. Prepare the needle and syringe by peeling back the packaging without touching the needles, then attaching the filter needle to the syringe by screwing them together.
    5. Get the ampule and snap it away from yourself like you are breaking a kitkat open. Put your thumb on the red dot of the ampule and hold the base with the other hand and snap it open.
    6. Take your 2ml syringe with the needle filter and remove the cap of the needle, then place the needle into the open ampule and take out a bit more than 2ml of the saline fluid we supplied you with.
    7. Snap open the HCG protected seal vial and wipe the top with an alcohol swab.
    8. Take your 23gauge needle and replace ther other needle used to get the saline fluid into the syringe, and ensure you have 2ml of fluid in the syringe.
    9. Push the needle into the centre of the vial and slowly push the static saline into the vial with the HCG.
    10. Release the pressure on your thumb and the air will be removed from the vial. Discard the syringe and needle in the sharps bin.
    11. Clean and wipe the injection area and open your new syringe, removing the cap and place the needle in the middle of mixed vial. Flip the vial upside down and remove to the 50mark or half a ml mark, ensuring you get all the bubbles out of the syringe. Tap on the needle to ensure all bubbles are removed and adjust as necessary.
    12. Pinch the area of skin and at 45 degree angle simple inject and depress the needle. Discard in the sharps bin and clean your area.
    13. Take your HCG and store it in the fridge.


    You can watch the full How to mix and inject HCG video here:

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    Last update: April 11th, 2021

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