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Sometimes doctors have differing views on the safety and efficacy of hormone therapy and the Internet opens up experienced doctors for all.

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Our Doctor Partners
  • GMC-General Medical Council Registered
  • NHS GP and specialist in sexual health
  • Highly experienced practitioners with a passion about safe and effective care for all

Balance My Hormones Ltd is a UK based company facilitating client members with their access to hormone balancing providers in the UK and Europe. All medical professionals who are partnered with us are fully qualified, vetted and licensed to ensure the highest standards of care.

Balance My Hormones: What we do
  • Offer access to bespoke treatments in the field of hormone replacement therapy, HRT, and TRT in the UK and Europe through our partner providers.
  • Have agreements and links with GMC licenced doctors, clinics, accredited blood testing services, and GPHC pharmacies and facilitating clients access to these services.
  • Our agreements have been created to offer concierge patient service that is convenient and excellent value for money.
  • Our clients are also members and can receive consultation and care from our partner clinics both in the UK and Europe or from the convenience of their own home in the UK.
  • We are an online platform for faciliting clients to explore various treatment options through our website. We can assist the client through the processe of receiving care through our partnered doctors and clinics.
  • All medical care is provided soley by the provider partner and not by Balance My Hormones Ltd.
Surgical Services We facilitate:
  • Should you need surgical services outside of the UK we can offer to arrange your travel and facilitate your care with partner clinics abroad.
  • Plastic Surgery- gynaecomastia surgical correction

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