About Us

We are a dedicated team of patient advocates here to help coordinate, facilitate, and guide you through the journey of hormone rebalancing.
Discovering that you may have an issue with your hormones can be stressful with limited support provided by traditional centres.
Understanding which health care specialist can help is a daunting task and we have a network of partners with the expertise, knowledge and understanding to help.
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We can help facilitate you with:
  • CQC registered and GMC-General Medical Council Registered specialists with real world experience helping men and women being ignored by the  NHS and traditional types of practice.

Balance My Hormones Ltd is a UK based company facilitating client members in their hormone balancing  journey and assisting those wishing to access  independent providers in the UK and Europe.

All medical professionals recommended by us are  fully qualified, vetted and licensed to ensure the highest standards of care.

Balance My Hormones
  • Offering  information, patient to patient advocacy, facilitation and seamless access to doctors in the field of hormone replacement therapy, HRT, and TRT in the UK and Europe.
  • Have agreements and links with GMC and CQC registered   doctors, clinics, accredited blood testing services, and GPHC pharmacies and facilitating clients access to these services.
  • Agreements have been created to offer concierge patient service.
  • Balance My Hormones is an online platform for facilitating clients to explore various options through our website and support service.  Balance My Hormones.co.uk is the portal to the online platform and as such is not acting as a provider of care. Care is provided by independent practitioners.
  • Balance My Hormones guides you through the journey of restoring your hormonal health legally and safely through coordination with CQC REGISTERED UK clinics specialising in  hormone optimisation.
  • Balance My Hormones Ltd. provides logistical facilitation and other administrative business services between health care providers and patients. BMH is not a health care provider and only acts under the supervision of a doctor (health care provider and other CQC registered clinics and providers of care. Medical care is provided by Licensed and qualified medical professionals.


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