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How to get UK TRT & HRT

Balance My Hormones guides you through the journey of hormone rebalancing by facilitating your journey with doctors specialising in hormone deficiencies that are difficult to access through traditional NHS and private doctors. Learn about the best options and pitfalls to avoid when investigating whether or not you have sub-optimal hormones or need TRT in the UK or Europe. Our Support Service will introduce and facilitate you through your hormone balancing journey.

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Complete the symptom and patient intake forms so we can help find out more about your current situation. Get in touch by phone or using our LiveChat feature in the bottom right.

Order Blood Tests

You can order blood tests online or speak to one of our experienced medical case managers who will arrange your blood tests, explain how the treatment works, and what you can expect on your treatment journey.

Doctor consultation

Attend a face to face or remote video consultation with a doctor specialising in advanced hormone therapies for men and women.

Treatment and Ongoing Support

Once approved by the doctor for treatment, you will receive your prescription order from a registered pharmacy supported by our staff.

We support men and women on their journey to optimal hormone balance

Balance My Hormones guides you through the journey of hormone rebalancing by facilitating your journey with UK GMC registered doctors specialising in hormone deficiencies that are difficult to access through traditional NHS and private doctors.

Balance My Hormones will advise you of the benefits and pitfalls of sub-optimal hormone levels and explain how you can get TRT in the UK, along with associated costs of TRT.

Our Support Service will introduce and facilitate you through your hormone balancing journey. Contact our TRT London clinic or another one of our many clinics to get started.

Balance My Hormones offer a range of low testosterone treatment options. Typically once one of our GMC registered doctors has approved you for treatment we will offer you either gels or and injections as a treatment solution to restore and optimise your testosterone levels. Working with you every step of the way our doctors will ensure your treatment plan is monitored and managed effectively.

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Sam TRT Testimonial

Sam's Story

Sam is a Medical Case Manager at Balance My Hormones. He is a trained physiotherapist and decided to work in the field of hormonal optimisation after his own experience with low testosterone.

“When I first started my journey at looking into what are normal testosterone levels, I had low mood, sexual issues, constant anxiety. I was living life wondering, “Why do I have these issues? What’s wrong with me?”

Before I committed to any sort of treatment, I wanted to find out if I had a deficiency and I discovered that I did in fact have low testosterone. I tried many different things, including numerous diets, but nothing seemed to work.

In the end, I realised I had two choices. I could carry on the way I was, which wasn’t an option for me. The alternative was to take action and do something about it, so I decided testosterone replacement therapy was the best thing for me. I’m glad I had the courage to choose treatment, because it improved so many areas of my life. Among other things, I felt less anxious, more focused and a lot more confident.”

How Hormone Imbalance Affects You

Do you suffer from symptoms such as lack of energy, low mood, depression or a low sex drive? Perhaps you’ve seen your doctor about symptoms you've had that match up with low testosterone symptoms or high estrogen symptoms, only to be told there’s “nothing wrong.” You feel frustrated after seeing many experts, but no one can give you a definitive answer. In the back of your mind, know there’s something not quite right.

Sound familiar? You may be suffering from hormonal imbalance. This condition is widely misunderstood by the medical profession. As a result, many people are wrongly misdiagnosed and suffer needlessly. Symptoms of hormone imbalance include:

  • Low mood, depression and irritability
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Difficulty controlling body weight
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings, depression and low mood
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of energy
  • Anxiety and loss of concentration
  • Low sex drive and/or erectile problems
  • Hair loss
  • Low sex drive and increased impotency

What is HRT and TRT?

Hormone replacement therapy means you use a medication to restore your body’s own natural production of hormones. This may be thyroid hormone, estrogen, testosterone or a combination of them. Testosterone replacement therapy is the most common form of treatment - both in men and women. Due to changes in our environment and lifestyles, people’s hormone levels are decreasing. This can cause numerous health problems.

Today, many people are misdiagnosed with conditions like depression or anxiety. However, in reality, the true cause of their symptoms is hormonal imbalance. Often, once you address the hormonal imbalance, you feel better and the symptoms subside.

There is a lot of stigma attached to hormone replacement therapy - in particular to the use of testosterone. This is mostly due to ignorance and misunderstanding. Truth be told, when hormone therapy is administered by a competent and experienced doctor, it can only ever be beneficial.


What are the Benefits of TRT Therapy for Men and Women

• Decreased anxiety
• Increased feelings of well-being
• Improved confidence
• Increased sex drive and erection quality
• Better focus and concentration
• Increased muscle mass and muscle tone
• Increased energy and stamina
• Increased assertiveness and decisiveness
• Lower risk of heart disease


Frequently Asked Questions

TRT can lower sperm count, however that does not necessarily make you infertile, and for those patients looking to maintain high levels of fertility, we offer a balanced TRT with HCG solution.

It’s generally considered uncommon to get any serious side effects from TRT when performed correctly. TRT side effects in some men may include oily skin, hair loss or hair growth, gynecomastia and acne. These are rarely seen and if the do arise can be managed by the doctor treating you. More common side effects are testicular shrinkage and lowering of sperm count but if these factors are an issue for men they can be prescribed HCG alongside their TRT.

As with any medical treatment TRT and HRT if not performed correctly have the potential for patients not to feel well and put health at risk. This is why treatment must be provided by a doctor with a great deal of knowledge in the area and medical assessments must be comprehensive, including blood testing. When performed correctly patients experience great, often life changing results with few if any negative side effects.

TRT treatments cost range from £70-£113 per month. Costs vary as it depends which treatment method you are prescribed and the frequency of your TRT dosages.

First you must have blood testing that tests for not only testosterone but a comprehensive set of other hormones and health markers. This will then be used during your consultation to determine whether you have hormonal issues that make you a candidate for therapy. Not only this but you will be screened for other health conditions that may be contributing (these may need to be addressed alongside TRT/HRT).

Speak to one of our doctors and they will assess your eligibility for treatment based on your symptoms and blood test results. Then treatment is organised alongside ongoing support from our team.

TRT costs on average are between £70-£113 per month.

Simply get in touch with us and we will organise a blood test. Then you speak to our doctors about the results and if we think TRT is right for you we will outline some potential options to help treat your low testosterone levels. We provide all the ongoing support and aftercare you need whilst you are on TRT so that you remain happy with your treatment.

Yes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help relieve many of the symptoms associated with male menopause. We highly advise getting one of our TRT blood tests taken to check your testosterone levels.

Yes we can provide treatments for high and low testosterone in women, for more information about our treatment options check out our testosterone treatment for women services page.

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