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How Balance My Hormones Can Help You

Balance My Hormones provides clients with over 25 years of experience in TRT/HRT and will guide you through your journey with doctors specialising in hormone deficiencies that are difficult to access through traditional NHS and private doctors. BMH uses the most up to date industry guidance and safety protocols that you will not get from most UK TRT & HRT companies. The use of our very own GPhC Pharmacy also decreases processing time and reduces the potential errors that can often be made by third party pharmacies. Our team of Personal Case Managers and Support Staff will use their expertise in TRT/HRT to educate our clients in the best options and pitfalls to avoid when investigating whether or not you have sub-optimal hormones.

How Our Service Works


Contact Us

Complete the symptom and patient intake forms so we can help find out more about your current situation. Get in touch by phone or using our LiveChat feature in the bottom right.


Order Blood Tests

You can order blood tests online or speak to one of our experienced medical case managers who will arrange your blood tests for you and explain how the treatment works.


Meet your PCM

Attend a telephone consultation with your Personal Case Manager to discuss your symptoms and blood test results. They will answer any questions that you may have about your TRT/HRT treatment.


Doctor Consultation

Attend a face to face remote video consultation with a doctor specialising in advanced hormone therapies for men and women who will discuss your case and treatment options with you.



Once approved by the doctor for treatment, you will receive your prescription from a registered pharmacy.


Ongoing Support

We understand that TRT/HRT may become a life long commitment and we are here to support you. You can reach out to our Client Support Team or your Personal Case Manager at anytime should you have any questions or concerns.

Check Your Testosterone Levels

Simply input your testosterone levels below to perform a quick low testosterone test and check to see if your testosterone levels are within the normal range. This low testosterone test works for both men and women.

Quick Low Testosterone Test

If you know your total testosterone reading from a previous blood test input the results to the left above to see if your testosterone levels are normal.

Check your testosterone

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I have the following symptoms:

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Order testosterone blood tests

Low Testosterone Levels

You may have low testosterone depending on the symptoms you have, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.

Please Retry

The Total Testosterone Level You Entered Is Incorrect. Figure Must be in nmol/L you can use our converter here.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.

Normal Testosterone Levels

Your testosterone levels appear to be in the normal range.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.


You must be over 38, have had your ovaries removed or have suffered with premature menopause to warrant further hormone tests.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.

Further investigation needed

Please contact us to discuss your hormones, we need your total testosterone levels to validate your hormone deficiency. You can order a blood test here.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.

Low Testosterone Levels

You may have low testosterone depending on the symptoms you have, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.

High Testosterone Levels

You appear to have higher than normal testosterone levels, please contact us for further investigation.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.

Normal Testosterone Levels

You appear to have normal testosterone levels. Contact us if you have any concerns.

Take our ADAMS low testosterone questionnaire.

What Are The Benefits of TRT / HRT?

Having balanced levels testosterone in your body is vital for your health and wellbeing. If your hormones are in check you can expect to benefit by having a happy and healthy life. Some of the benefits of TRT are listed below.

TRT / HRT helps with:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased feelings fo wellbeing
  • Improved confidence
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Higher levels of energy and stamina
  • Reduction of body fat and more lean muscle
  • Stronger bones

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Thousands of Happy Clients

We treat thousands of men and women each year who suffer from hormone imbalances. Low testosterone affects around 45% of men over 40 and up to 80% of women suffer with range of symptoms when going through the menopause. We aim to help diagnose and treat these hormone imbalances to improve peoples health and quality of life.

Balance My Hormones Customers Get:

  • Dedicated personal case manager
  • Superior ongoing lifetime support
  • Bespoke hormone treatment plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

TRT can lower sperm count, however that does not necessarily make you infertile, and for those patients looking to maintain high levels of fertility, we offer a balanced TRT with HCG solution.

Category: BMH FAQ

It’s generally considered uncommon to get any serious side effects from TRT when performed correctly. TRT side effects in some men may include oily skin, hair loss or hair growth, gynecomastia and acne. These are rarely seen and if the do arise can be managed by the doctor treating you. More common side effects are testicular shrinkage and lowering of sperm count but if these factors are an issue for men they can be prescribed HCG alongside their TRT.

Category: BMH FAQ

As with any medical treatment TRT and HRT if not performed correctly have the potential for patients not to feel well and put health at risk. This is why treatment must be provided by a doctor with a great deal of knowledge in the area and medical assessments must be comprehensive, including blood testing. When performed correctly patients experience great, often life changing results with few if any negative side effects.

Category: BMH FAQ

Basic TRT Treatment costs range from £99-£149 without HCG. If you require HCG add-on additional costs range from £35-£76 based on prescription and frequency of your TRT dosages.

Category: BMH FAQ

First you must have blood testing that tests for not only testosterone but a comprehensive set of other hormones and health markers. This will then be used during your consultation to determine whether you have hormonal issues that make you a candidate for therapy.
You will then speak to one of our doctors and they will assess your eligibility for treatment based on your symptoms and blood test results.
Then treatment is organised alongside ongoing support from our team. You will also be screened for other health conditions that may be contributing (these may need to be addressed alongside TRT/HRT).

Category: BMH FAQ

Yes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help relieve many of the symptoms associated with male menopause. We highly advise getting one of our TRT blood tests taken to check your testosterone levels.

Category: BMH FAQ

Yes we can provide treatments for high and low testosterone in women, for more information about our treatment options check out our testosterone treatment for women services page.

Category: BMH FAQ

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