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What is TRT with HCG?

HCG is a natural peptide that can help maintain your fertility and the size of your testes when added to standard testosterone replacement therapy.

Doctors sometimes prescribe HCG when there are concerns around the size of a man’s testes or when maintaining fertility is important for starting a family.

Testosterone is more than just a sex hormone, levels in your body may affect a variety of functions from mood and cognitive ability to cardiovascular health, muscle mass and body fat. Testosterone deficiency in men or low testosterone is often called the ‘male menopause’ or andropause because of its effects. You may have already started treatment elsewhere, but are unsatisfied with the results. Indeed, both unbalanced testosterone replacement therapy and low testosterone values can lead to:

Balance My Hormones: What we do

  • Atrophy of the testes
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Reduced sperm count
  • Muscle weakness and atrophy
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Memory difficulties
  • Depression

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There a various  options when considering TRT including various   topical and injectable testosterone therapies.

  • In the UK different testosterone esters  are available on prescription such as  Sustanon®, a stable blend of 4 different time released esters, or single ester options such as Testosterone  Enanthate®, and Testosterone Cypionate and shorter acting ester such as Testosterone Propionate® all can  provide a steady, stable level of testosterone to the deficient male.
  • HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin may be prescribed in the UK for fertility issues or to maintain or prevent fertility.  Pregnyl was discontinued abruptly by the manufacturer  in late 2017 leaving many men without.  Fortunately, some pharmacies have been able to procure an alternative  option.


If you would like to learn more information about various options and approaches for  testosterone deficiency in the UK then please  don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the form at the bottom.