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Testosterone Blood Tests

Choose your desired blood test or let our experienced team help you select the correct blood test for you.

The tests offered on our page are for your convenience and expediency. We are more than happy to assist you to find the optimal blood test for you. We have assembled the most relevant tests needed or both getting started with treatment and for general health screening for hormones.

  • Accurate Results, Reliable Service
  • Confidential- We keep your information private and accessible to you through your patient portal. Your information is kept highly confidential and private.
  • Double Discreet Package- We send your package with no mention of our company on either the box or the plain Jiffy bag that holds it.
  • Accredited Labs process your results and are regulated by CLIA and uphold the high standards. (Link to information below.)

We are not just a testing service we are the original UK TRT company able to help support you throughout the whole journey of TRT not just the blood testing part.

We can assist you from screening to support to booking a consultation with the doctor all that is required for after care.

** If there is a particular blood test you’re interested in and you can’t find it on our page, please contact a member of staff 02039003209.

If you are looking to expedite getting TRT Treatment the following tests are essential:

If you are looking to expedite getting HRT in the UK the following tests are essential:

If you are concerned about your thyroid health then and want a thorough screen then select TF3.

If you think your thyroid and your testosterone test may be an issue then select either BMH9 or BMH5plus

Tests most likely to be successful and accurate with Finger Prick extraction of Capilliary Blood

Testosterone Plus Test (BMH1)
Testosterone, Free(calculated testosterone), SHBG, Albumin
Testosterone is the male hormone that declines with age or injury to the testes. This test profile not only meausures Total testosterone but calculated free testosterone as well. Calculated free is superiour to Free testosterone assays which are not consistant from lab to lab or test to test.
Finger Prick Test

Male TRT Hormone Check (BMH2)
Testosterone, Free(calculated testosterone), SHBG, Albumin, Oestradiol, Prolactin
This test is ideal for checking your levels of hormones when on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).
It can also provide more information to the doctor as a screening tool as well. Sometime lack of libido may be related to elevated prolactin or too much or too little oestradiol as much as it is to low testosterone.
Finger Prick Test

Female Menopause Mini Hormone Check (BMH4)
Oestradiol, FSH, Progesterone, Testosterone
This test can help the doctor review if you blood levels of hormones match those at various stages of perimenopause or menopause.
Finger Prick Test

Thyroid Basic Profile(TF3)
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), FT4 (Free Levothyroxine T4), FT3 (Free Triiodothyronine T3)
This basic thyroid test can be used as a quick screen or to monitor ongoing thryoid hormone treatment.
Finger Prick Test

TRT with Thyroid Check (BMH9)
Testosterone, Free(calculated testosterone), SHBG, Albumin, Oestradiol, Prolactin, TSH, T4, T3
This combination test is normally used to monitor on going TRT and Thyroid treatment to help the doctor monitor and adjust dosing.
Finger Prick Test

BMH5-VP-PLUS2019 Comprehensive Blood Test for Men and Women (BMH5Plus2019)
Full Blood Count)(Biochemistry) (Kidney Function)(Liver Function) (Bone Screen)(Lipids)(Hormones)(PSA for men or CA125 for women Markers)(Immunology includes thyroid anti-bodies) (3 key Vitamins). Over 66 different Tests included. This Test is required before starting TRT. To expedite your journey to the doctor we reccomend having this test done first and ordered. Our staff will contact you to arrange a location of the blood draw. this test must be done by a qualified health care professional and cannot be done with a finger prick test.
Venepuncture test only. Please contact the office to have blood draw location arranged and invoiced.

Tests Needed to Start TRT or HRT

The British Society of Sexual Medicine (BSSM) guidelines recommend at minimum at least 2 separate blood tests to be done at two different times to determine if there is a testosterone deficiency. In addition, before starting TRT, baseline tests must include Full blood count, Biochemistry, Kidney and Liver Function Tests, Lipid Profile and hormones before commencing therapy.

If you would like to ORDER the appropriate tests without delay and to expedite your service you can order from the site here. One of our members of staff will be in contact for you to arrange a blood draw service.

If you have access to a health care professional who can draw you blood the then all you need to do is order the test here and click the waiver saying you do not need a blood draw service.
Our staff will arrange to have your kit posted to you with a warning to only have a qualified person draw your blood.

The laboratories that partner with Balance My Hormones are fully licenced and accredited by the CQC and ACAS.
Certificate of Accreditation for County Pathology
Certificate of Accreditation for TDL The Doctor’s laboratory

Blood testing companies used are regulated by the CQC. Balance My Hormones is not a provider of care.