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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Introducing The Rocket

Balance My Hormones have partnered with a new US based startup and are offering The Rocket at a discounted price as a launch promotion.

This is a revolutionary new treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) using a technology that works on soundwave therapy.

No drugs, no pills, no side effects and no downtime.

What is The Rocket?

The Rocket is a small electronic device that works on soundwave therapy. Soundwave therapy creates ‘angiogenesis’ which means it helps grow new blood vessels. As you use the device your blood vessels are improved allowing more blood to circulate and get stronger erections.

shockwave-angiogenesis shockwave-angiogenesis






Most ED is a result of inadequate blood flow. The Rocket restores blood flow to the penis in two ways.

  1. It removes blockages also known as plaque which builds up with age in blood vessels.
  2. It creates new blood vessels through the process above called angiogenisis.

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