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testosterone and libido analysis

Testosterone & Libido: Analysing the Connection

For any man that is struggling with low testosterone and the side effects that it can have on your life, sex drive, and personal relationships, it is the main priority to address these issues and ensure you can regain your prior life. It can be difficult to deal with these issues and not know how […]

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staying health during pandemic

A New Year and A New You?

As 2020 comes to and end and we reflect on how hard the year has been for many of us with the pandemic and how it has impacted all of our lives, it has left many of us thinking about our health and questioning: “Am I really in the best physical and mental shape that […]

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low testosterone and obesity and weight gain

The Link Between Low Testosterone and Obesity / Weight Gain

When people think of low testosterone, one of their first thoughts is of sex drive and the link between testosterone and libido in men. However, what many people don’t realize is that testosterone is actually a very complex hormone that is involved in several hundred body functions that are very critical to the function of […]

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Anabolic Steriods VS Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Anabolic Steroids vs Testosterone Replacement Therapy If you have low testosterone or you have heard of low testosterone, then the chances are that you have heard of two different ways to raise testosterone. These include anabolic steroids and testosterone replacement therapy. While it is true that both of these treatments take aim at providing the […]

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Is Low Testosterone Bad?

Low testosterone is a condition that affects thousands of men worldwide on a yearly basis. It is a very notorious condition because the side effects can be severe and they can cause hard effects on the everyday lives of men that are dealing with low testosterone. Many men fear having low testosterone for the symptoms […]

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low testosterone in teenage males

Low Testosterone in Teenage Males

When you hear about low testosterone and the problems that often surround men that have low testosterone, you typically think of older men. The reason is that low testosterone is typically a problem that will affect older men, simply because it is natural for them to experience a decline in testosterone in their bodies as […]

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What Causes Low Testosterone?

If you have low testosterone, then you are probably on an information hunt for everything you can learn about low testosterone. You likely want to learn what causes it, how it can be treated, and what the possible side effects of low testosterone are. It’s great that you want to learn more information, because it […]

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test booster vs trt

Testosterone Boosters vs Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you are suffering from low testosterone and the associated side effects that come along with it, then you are probably searching for every way possible to increase testosterone and overcome these side effects. Living with the side effects of low testosterone is never fun, and there are ways to overcome it. However, many men […]

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low testosterone in 20s

Low Testosterone In 20s?

If you are suffering from low testosterone and the associated symptoms in your 20s, then you are probably wanting to learn more about low testosterone and how to fix it. Low testosterone in your 20s is not a natural decline in testosterone and is likely caused by external factors or health issues. The good news […]

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is testosterone replacement therapy TRT safe

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Safe?

If you are one of the millions of men that struggle with low testosterone each year, then one of the first questions that you might have is probably whether testosterone therapy is safe. Safety is the primary concern for most people, and if you want to have a good experience with testosterone replacement therapy, you […]

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