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    How to do a Testosterone Quad Injection

    Once you have been put on TRT and undergone the initial blood testing you will work with Balance My Hormones to establish how best to inject your testosterone (assuming you are not on creams). Your low testosterone treatment options will depend on what your doctor recommends and what you feel you can best undertake throughout your TRT journey. Testosterone injections have long been regarded as one of the most effective ways to treat low testosterone and they are used by millions of people a year to mitigate the effects of low testosterone and increase the level of testosterone in the bloodstream.

    Injecting testosterone into the quad muscles is one of the most common intramuscular injections performed, and once you understand the basic quad injection technique it’s very easy to do this yourself.

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    Steps to inject testosterone into your quads / legs

    1) Prepare a clear and flat workspace such as a table and clean the surface with disinfectant.

    2) Wash your hands with warm water and soap.

    3) Lay out your medication and equipment and check all sterile packaging is still sealed (for example this may include your ampoule or vial of testosterone, your syringe, 18g filler needle with filter, injecting needle eg. 25g 1 inch, alcohol wipes and sharps bin).

    4) Fit filler filter needle to your syringe.

    5) Open ampoule by placing index fingers together in flexed position with thumbs on top, both either side of ampoule neck. For a video of how to do this please see link here.

    6) Take lid off filler needle and draw up prescribed dose of testosterone and discard open ampoule.

    7) Prepare area for injection. Injecting into the quadriceps muscle-split the things into three parts. In the centre section located on the outside is the area for injecting.

    8) Clean area for injecting with pre-injection alcohol swab and let dry before injecting.

    9) Swap filler needle for injecting needle.

    10) inject into muscle, all the way so no needle showing.

    11) If your prescribing doctor suggests you aspirate, pull back on plunger slighlty, if blood comes into syringe, remove and re-inject as step 10, around same area.

    12) Push plunger in at a steady rate until all solution has been injected, and withdraw needle.

    13) Wipe area again with alcohol swab.

    14) (optional) Gently massage the area.

    15) Discard needles and syringes appropriately in sharps bin.

    Video on How to Inject Testosterone in your quads / legs


    Benefits of TRT

    Before you understand specific injection sites, it is important to know the broad benefits of TRT. TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy, and it is a very common treatment for those that are suffering from low testosterone. Testosterone replacement works by injecting or inserting testosterone into the bloodstream of individuals that produce too little on their own. This could be due to a number of factors that are both internal and external.

    If you choose TRT as a treatment method for low testosterone, you should know of all of the benefits that this treatment is able to offer. Here are some of the benefits of using TRT to treat low testosterone:

    • Increased sex drive
    • Lowered cholesterol
    • Increased muscle mass
    • Less body fat
    • Increased confidence
    • Improved mood
    • Better sleep
    • More energy
    • Better coping with stress
    • Improved brain function

    There are many more benefits to TRT, and these are just some of what you can enjoy if you decide to take action against low testosterone. If you have decided that TRT is the right option for you, then there are still more decisions that you will have to make prior to actually enjoying the benefits of TRT.

    There are many non-medical ways to treat low testosterone, but if you are really looking to make progress, then TRT is a great option for you. Natural ways are great for your health, but they often are not very potent and can’t address more severe effects of aging and disorders that prevent proper production of testosterone. TRT is the first choice among those that are experiencing loss of testosterone production before the natural decline of testosterone production begins.

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    Why Choose Injections?

    Even if you have decided on TRT as a way to treat low testosterone, there are still some decisions that you will have to make regarding the method in which the testosterone is administered. There are many options such as gels, patches, medications, and other types of treatments. They vary in effectiveness, affordability, and convenience. If you are looking for an effective treatment that will make TRT as easy as possible, then injections might be one of the options that you are leaning towards, and injecting testosterone in your legs for TRT is easy to do yourself.

    There are many benefits to choosing injections for your TRT, and it is important that you know them before you decide on an injection treatment for your low testosterone. Here are some of the benefits that you get when you choose injections for your TRT treatment.


    One of the best things about injections is that they are considered one of the easiest methods for administering testosterone out of all other treatment types. Injections are convenient TRT methods because you can take them anywhere that you might go. They are very mobile, and you can easily put them in a purse, suitcase, or briefcase to allow you to inject your testosterone even while you are away from home.

    Another way that injections are very convenient is that they are easy to administer by yourself. Once you know how to inject your testosterone in the proper way, it will quickly become routine and make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of TRT any time that you want.


    If you are considering TRT treatments, then you probably want to know more about how injections stack up in comparison to other treatments. Injections don’t represent huge cost savings, but they typically won’t pose a larger investment than other treatment methods. With the cost being equal, it is generally agreed upon that injections offer more benefits for the money, making them a more worthwhile investment if you are looking to get maximum benefit for your investment.

    If you are looking for an affordable way to administer TRT, then injections might be a good option for you.


    While injections are both convenient and affordable, the real selling point for injections is the effectiveness of injections. When compared to other types of treatments, injections have been shown to be much more effective. This mostly has to do with the way that the testosterone is injected into the bloodstream during an injection.

    In an injection treatment, testosterone is injected directly into the bloodstream, which means that the testosterone from the treatment works faster than when administered by gel or patch. Because it is put right into the bloodstream, you’ll also find that the effects of the testosterone injection are stronger and can overcome a deeper testosterone discrepancy.

    Quad vs. Other Sites

    If you are settled on injections for a TRT method, then there remains one more critical decision to make: the injection site that you are going to use for your injections. There are many options around the body for you to inject into, but one of the most popular sites is the quad. The site that you choose will help to determine how easy it is to inject yourself with testosterone and will also determine the soreness you experience. For many people, quad muscles are the best option because you are able to clearly see where you are injecting and inject yourself conveniently.


    If you are considering testosterone injections to treat low testosterone and the side effects that come along with low testosterone, then knowing how to do a testosterone quad injection is a vital piece of information that you will need to know. However, with this knowledge base, you have learned more than just about performing the injection. You now know some of the background information about quad testosterone injections and why so many men choose quad testosterone injections each year.

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    About the Author: Mike Kocsis

    Mike Kocsis has an MBA with a focus on healthcare administration and is an entrepreneur and medical case manager for Balance My Hormones Ltd which offers medical services in the UK and Europe. Mike has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, much of that working with people who have hormone imbalances. Mike has appeared on podcasts and radio and is an expert speaker on the subject of hormone imbalance. He specialises in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and has helped thousands of people suffering from hormone imbalances recover and regain control of their lives. You can follow him on LinkedIn and on the Balance My Hormones YouTube Channel.

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    Last update: April 7th, 2021

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