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how to do fingerprick blood test

We often get asked how to do a finger prick blood test, so we decided to do a video about it, you can view this video here:




How to do a finger prick blood test step by step guide

  1. Prepare your table where you will take the blood and ensure it’s wiped down clean
  2. Wash your hands for a few minutes with warm water and soap
  3. Open your blood test box received in the post from Balance My Hormones
  4. Open up the plastic clamshell packet with two tubes (purple and yellow ends) and stand them both up right on a flat level table
  5. Identify the finger you wish to use for drawing blood, ideally the middle finger
  6. Start squeezing your hands to get blood flow going for a minute or so.
  7. Use the alcohol wipes provided and clean the finger you will be using to draw blood
  8. Open the lids of the two purple and yellow tubes
  9. Take the tool provided to lance your finger and remove the end cap
  10. Press the lance tool into the bottom outer part of the finger and push on the finger with your thumb to help the blood come out
  11. Touch the blood on the lip of one of the tube and let it drop in.
  12. Fill up to the top line on the tube and put the lid on then gently shake the tube
  13. Put one of the plasters supplied on the finger
  14. Repeat the steps again on another finger to fill up the second tube and again shake gently
  15. Take the tube extenders out (tubes with labels on) and fill out the labels with the date/time of the blood extraction
  16. Put the tube extenders around each of the two tubes with blood in
  17. Put the completed blood samples back in the plastic clamshell packaging they came in
  18. Put your form and clamshell plastic package into the large self addressed envelop and post


What are the benefits of a finger prick blood test?

  • If you are anxious about having your blood taken it can be easier to do it yourself
  • If you are not a fan of needles then a finger prick blood test may be a better option for you
  • You can do the finger prick blood test in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace
  • The package we send out comes with everything you need, you don’t need to pay for anything else like plasters, postage fees etc
  • The blood test results are highly accurate even from a finger prick test


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