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Low Testosterone Treatment FAQs

Low testosterone is a hormonal issue in which you become deficient in testosterone. According to the American Urology Association, every 2 men out of 100 have this problem. Low testosterone is more common in older men compared to younger ones. Studies also indicate that 40% of men aged at least 45 have low testosterone or testosterone deficiency. Here are the frequently asked questions related to low testosterone treatment that will help you understand it better. What roles does testosterone play […]

10 Foods High in Estrogen

Estrogen is a vital naturally-occuring hormone and it plays a key role in maintaining a women’s sexual and reproductuve health. Research also shows that good levels are equally important in men’s health. If you want to increase your natural estrogen levels keep reading. Here is the list of the 10 best foods that you should consider to boost your serum estrogen levels. If you are struggling with your hormones and think you require a professional assessment, considering taking our hormone […]

Happy New Year 2022

Balance My Hormones wish you all a very Healthy and Happy New Year. Looking to kick-start your new year health goals? Why not try one of our hormone tests. Limited time offer 15% off on all blood tests. Checkout with code: FLAT15. Offer valid in the UK only.    

How To Buy Testosterone Online

Whether you are on testosterone replacement therapy or just looking to see how you can potentially get testosterone online, this guide will explain how you can buy testosterone online. In this guide we explain the process involved in obtaining testosterone legally under prescription.     Why do you want to buy testosterone online? There are a variety of reasons you may want to buy testosterone online: You are looking into your testosterone levels and believe they may be lower than […]

Can Increasing Testosterone Levels Contribute to Fat Loss

Testosterone hormone plays many crucial roles in the body, including fat metabolism and muscle growth. When your body does not make enough testosterone, it starts accumulating fats, which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity. Restoring the levels of testosterone can help your body work normally by burning fats and increasing muscle mass. Keep reading the article to understand what science says about the connection between fat loss and testosterone levels. Testosterone hormone Testosterone is a male hormone that […]

Night Sweats and Low Testosterone

If you often wake up drenched in your sweat at night, you may think you need to install a better fan or AC. But if temperature is not the reason behind this sweating, you may have night sweats. Several internal factors can cause night sweats in men, and one of these factors is low testosterone. This article explains the connection between night sweats and testosterone levels. We have also talked about the best possible solution to reduce night sweats and […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Ageing

The male midlife crisis and how testosterone plays its part To help preserve skeletal muscle and avoid muscle wasting hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be used to support an optimal hormone environment as we age. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) specifically will ensure there is no catabolic effect of cortisol, which is antagonistic to androgens and testosterone in particular. After the age of 40 in men androgens typically decline and andropause commences. This is the reason men start to observe a […]

Joint Pain and Low Testosterone

When you think about joint pain, your mind may automatically connect it to arthritis (which is the swelling of joints). However, arthritis is not the only cause of joint pain. Low testosterone can also contribute to joint pain. Therefore, your doctor will have to run different tests to determine whether this pain is due to arthritis, low testosterone, or some other condition. This article explains the connection between joint pain and low testosterone in detail and what can be done […]

How Low Testosterone Affects Energy Levels and Sleep

Our bodies are designed to provide us with the right balance of hormones to enjoy a healthy and happy life. However, sometimes in life, this hormonal level can get disturbed due to one reason or another. Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone that regulates several processes in men as well as in women. As men age, their levels of testosterone start declining, contributing to low testosterone or the ‘male menopause’. This condition can bring different changes in life, such […]

What is Free Testosterone and How To Measure It

Most of us are familiar with testosterone; however, not all know that it has two kinds. One is called “free testosterone”, while the other is called “bound testosterone.” The key difference between these two kinds of testosterone is how they exist in the bloodstream. You need to have them in healthy concentrations so that your body can perform all functions normally. In this article, we have talked about free testosterone in detail. We have also discussed how you can measure […]