TRT in the UK

How Much Does TRT Cost?

How much does TRT Cost?

TRT costs in the UK can range in price and depend entirely on what treatment works best for you and your medical condition. Balancce My Hormones offer a wide range of TRT packages which offer you both value for money coupled with best in class delivery and on-going support. Ultimately the cost you pay will be determined by what the doctor feels would work best for you, how you choose to administer the testosterone and the frequency of doses needed to keep your testosterone at healthy levels.

We strive to be as upfront and transparent about costs as we can and let all of our potential customers know from the get-go how much on-going TRT treatment will likely cost based on their diagnosis and treatment options. Everyone is unique and this is why costs vary so much, it all depends on how much it takes to restore, maintain and monitor your testosterone levels.

Balance My Hormones have a very experienced team that offer you regular support to discuss any questions/anxieties you may have which often reduces the need for patients to scour forums for often unhelpful and inaccurate information.To allow treatment to be sustainable we offer unique pricing subscription packages to match your treatment plan. Our plans include all the medication required, delivery costs and personal support from our staff, doctors, and partners.  This is before, during and whilst on treatment. Personal Case Manager (PCM) support is also included throughout.

TRT treatment costs

TRT Treatment Options TRT Cost Bandings
TRT treatment packages Between £99-£149
Doctor Consulation £199
Comprehensive Blood Test £155
Basic TRT test £49.95
Fertility Treatment packages From £35
Erectile Dysfunction treatment packages From £24

If you would like to discuss starting TRT and are worried about costs please get in touch with us to book a call in with one of our Personal Case Managers.

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