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6 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are manifold. And the ability of testosterone to improve a man’s life is unparalleled.

Many men will put off undergoing TRT because they are scared of the side effects. However, I can assure you that the benefits of TRT far outweigh any potential side effects, which can be managed under the guidance of a competent doctor.

In this article we outline 6  outstanding benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

1# Improved Body Composition and Strength

Testosterone is anabolic in nature, meaning that it builds tissue. Multiple studies have shown that testosterone improves lean body mass, decreases fat free mass and increases strength. However, testosterone doesn’t do this by itself, you must go to the gym to reap the benefits.

2# Improved Cognition

The Oxford Dictionary defines cognition as “The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.” This process can include memory, judgement and decision-making. And it appears that testosterone can have a dramatic effect on cognition.

In one study, healthy men aged 50 to 90 years were given exogenous testosterone alone or in combination with an aromatase inhibitor (AI). Spatial memory was improved in both groups, whereas verbal memory only improved in the men receiving testosterone without an AI.

This suggests that estradiol also plays an important part in cognition.  Estradiol is created via the aromatisation process, which requires testosterone. So whichever way you cut it, testosterone is vital to cognition.

testosterone improved cognition

3# Increased Libido

Low testosterone is associated with a decreased sex drive and poor erectile function. In contrast, one of the benefits of testosterone is its ability to increase libido and improved erectile function.

In one single-blind, placebo controlled study, 31 normal men were given 200mg of  intramuscular testosterone enanthate for 8 weeks, or an in injectable placebo for 4 weeks then 200mg of testosterone enanthate for the remaining 4 weeks. The researchers observed an increase in sexual arousal.

4# More energy

Low testosterone makes getting out of bed in the morning a struggle. But not only that, it will leave you tired and drained throughout the day.

On the other hand, optimal levels of testosterone give you more energy throughout the day. Testosterone can boost your energy in a number of ways. First, it increases your insulin sensitivity, helping you lose body fat. It increases physical stamina through increased red blood cell count. And it also increases the motivation to exercise through dopamine signaling pathways. This creates a positive feedback loop; as your physical well-being improves, so do your energy levels.

testosterone more energy jogging

5# Improved Sleep

Low testosterone results in fractured sleep and overall poor sleep quality. Furthermore, sleep deprivation is associated with increased disease and mortality.

One study looked at sleep duration in 531 Asian males between the ages of 29-72. The researchers noted that sleep declined with age, and age determined sleep quality and concentrations of sex hormones. They found a positive association between serum testosterone levels and sleep duration in men. This was independent of age, aerobic exercise and body fat.

#6 Improved Heart Health

Many worry that testosterone replacement therapy could cause heart disease. However, low testosterone is actually associated with increased risk from heart disease.

Testosterone can improve blood markers of trigylcerides, cholesterol,

In a review of over 30 studies on testosterone therapy, doctors from the Mayo Clinic found no increase in cardiovascular disease among men who received testosterone. They found that testosterone, if anything had a protective and beneficial effect on the heart that has “not yet been widely appreciated.”

Testosterone improves heart health

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