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TRT & HRT Ireland


Testosterone Replacement Therapy Ireland

Are you based in ireland or Northern Ireland and looking for TRT treatment? Balance My Hormones offer testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and hormone replacement therapy services in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Our bespoke TRT and HRT services are designed around you as we know there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to balancing hormones.

If you are looking for advice and guidance or even just a blood test to check your hormone levels, then feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our consultants.

Unlike other online “services” many of our employees are long-standing patients of hormone therapy themselves. They have a strong desire to help others who find themselves in the situation they were once in. Because they have first hand experience of the misery of hormonal imbalance and the confusion around the safety and efficacy of treatment.

Michael Kocsis is the founder of Balance My Hormones and underwent testosterone replacement therapy himself over 20 years ago. He understood what it was like to navigate a medical system that neither cared nor understood his condition – low testosterone.

As a result, Michael set up Balance My Hormones to help people like you to regain your health and wellbeing.


Balance My Hormones: What We Do

  • In our Ireland office we offer access to bespoke treatments in the field of hormone replacement therapy, HRT, and TRT through our partner providers.
  • Have agreements and links with local Ireland based GMC licensed doctors, clinics, accredited blood testing services, and GPHC pharmacies and facilitating clients access to these services.
  • Our agreements have been created to offer a concierge patient service that is convenient and excellent value for money.
  • Our clients are also members and can receive consultation and care from our partner clinics both in the UK and Europe or from the convenience of their own home in the UK.
  • We are an online platform for facilitating clients to explore various treatment options through our website. We can assist the client through the process of receiving care through our partnered doctors and clinics.
  • All medical care is provided solely by the provider partner and not by Balance My Hormones Ltd.

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