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Lifestyle Blood Test

Test One

Lifestyle Blood Test

Essential clinical chemistry test combined with nutritional markers to establish the general wellbeing of a patient.

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Full Blood Count, Heart Health, Liver Health, Bone Health, Kidney Health, Diabetes Health
Iron Status: Ferritin, Iron, Total Iron Binding, Capacity (TIBC), Transferrin, Transferrin Saturation
Nutritional Health: Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D

How our Blood Test Service Works

Select Method

Select blood collection method e.g. Nurse To Your Home.


Blood sample is sent to our laboratory for analysis.

Receive results

We will securely send you your results and discuss the doctor’s medical analysis of your results with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re unsure, give us a call at 02039003209. Our experienced team will guide you based on your needs and medical history.

Typically, it takes 1 business days for the kit delivery. If it exceeds 5 days, please contact us. Orders over bank holidays, and weekend will be processed and posted the next working day. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday will not arrive until the following Tuesday at the earliest.

Your results will be made available through your secure, private patient portal on our website

All blood test kit orders are non-refundable once result has been analysed by the laboratory and a result is obtained. We will refund blood test kits that are not sent for analysis within 3 months.

Finger prick tests can potentially distort the results for those on topical testosterone or oestrogel. We strongly encourage patients to order venepuncture tests with one of our phlebotomy partners, that is those who can safely extract your blood. We have a large network throughout the UK, Ireland, and Spain where you can have your blood sample taken. We can also arrange for a nurse to visit you at home or work.

Yes. We ensure your personal information and results are kept confidential and secure.

Yes, we offer a wide range of tests covering various health markers. Contact us if you need help choosing the right test.

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