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6 months ago

If men take HCG for a long time can it desensitise your testicles permanently? For example, stopping the reproduction of natural testosterone, or just In regards to the effectiveness of HCG. Had a call with my Dr and said it won’t? ... See MoreSee Less

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Good question I started it 2 months ago to get my testicle size back it has cured my numb dick also it feels more sensitive and helped my sex drive.but I heard its good to come of hcg for a break

Returns in time same as test / all depends how long you use it for….. if on trt and you still want kids HCG. Is very positive

6 months ago

Why is HCG monotherapy never used instead of the Testosterone? ... See MoreSee Less

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Because it doesnt work

HCG, if used for long time, could desensitize your balls permanently. On top of that, you have to use a lot to feel effects and it's costly.

It can only work if you have secondary hypogonadism in which case can also use clomid. HCG for hypogonadism makes no sense anyway, because you might as well use test since you are injecting, and test is best for TRT lol

Hcg stop’s your nads from shrinking when on trt

6 months ago

Another question, can HCG be used with HGH long term? Just out of interest ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago

Anyone have any problems with high blood pressure while taking sustanon?
... See MoreSee Less

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Do you know what your BP was like BEFORE taking Sustanon?

High blood pressure seems like an incorrect dose or not frequent enough injections. Because I see a lot of misconception about Sustanon - its best dosed either every other day or every third day. By the way Im also on that ester and love it. For my body this is the best kind of testosterone.

I keep an eye on mine anyway hereditary high bp I control it with meds .aerobic exercise helps it also i keep it at 130 ish over 85 which is ok at my age 52

Yeah mine is high (170/90) and I’m 36. I’m also a very active person doing regular exercise. Unfortunately we didn’t test for blood pressure before starting Sustanon and I’m now on a load of blood pressure meds that aren’t working. It’s all still under investigation with my Dr, but it’s a slow process getting answers from the nhs these days. I’m currently trying to get a sleep study to see if I have a sleep apnea.

Daily administration, more cardio, more potassium, more salt

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