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Testosterone Replacement therapy should focus on balancing your hormones

It is especially relevant that I have learnt the importance of balance after 20 years on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Therefore, finding a doctor with an understanding of the nuances of Testosterone Replacement therapy can prove difficult. Very few GPs let alone endocrinologists get it right and many are unintentionally putting your health at risk. This is important because a good outcome from testosterone replacement therapy requires the proper hormone balance. Optimising hormones requires a knowledge of where the optimal hormone levels should be. Reference ranges should not be the sole guide in determining deficiency. Getting the most out of hormone therapy involves recognising that various hormones work in concert to enhance your well being. These hormones could be Testosterone, LH, FSH, oestrogen blockers, HGH, IGF1, and thyroid hormones to name a few. It’s essential to get this right.

Lucky enough to find the right hormone Doctor?

Not everyone is lucky enough to find a doctor who recognises testosterone deficiency. You may be told that the symptoms you are experiencing are all in your head and that you look like you have plenty of testosterone. Which makes you wonder if we even need blood tests if doctors can just look at patients and just know what their testosterone levels are.

Convincing the doctor to offer a testosterone test is only the beginning. When the results come back the doctor may say that everything is in the normal range. Most of the time they don’t even bother to give you the actual number or the range. This range should not be the only factor which determines whether or not you are treated for low testosterone. Despite this the doctor will tell you that you’re fine and it’s all in your head. You may feel as if the doctor is just fobbing you off and in some cases they are. Other times they just don’t know. Had this doctor measured more than total testosterone and looked at SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), oestradiol, and free or calculated free testosterone then a different story would emerge.

Sometimes Testosterone is not enough

At the start of testosterone replacement therapy you may feel everything is going swimmingly. After a few months on Testosterone therapy you might not feel quite right. When you started on therapy you felt much more energy and sex drive. Now you may begin to wonder if it was worth seeking treatment in the first place.

Once again had your GP measured your other hormones they would have found that whilst your Testosterone levels have reached the upper range of normal, your oestrogen levels have also skyrocketed. Because you are unhappy with this you do an online search and discover that that elevated oestrogen is the culprit. As a result you decide to ask your GP to prescribe an anti-oestrogen only to be told that the “computer says no”. Subsequently, you may be offered an apology but told that prescribing you an anti-oestrogen is beyond their remit. They will say that they can’t possibly prescribe you a drug licenced for breast cancer. In order to mitigate the effects of the oestrogen conversion your doctor may even offer you an increased dose of testosterone. This is mad because it is only adding more fuel to the fire.

Getting Help for TRT in the UK


Testosterone Blood Test


So what do you do because there are benefits of boosting testosterone. You visit and enquire at BalanceMyHormones. As a result of my frustrations with testosterone replacement therapy in the UK, I started this website because I knew there had to be a better way when my GP refused to help. The constant battles and continuous discussions with my GP were getting exhausting. The result of these discussion were apologies and excuses from the doctor. I wanted to offer affordable private healthcare options to other men and women suffering the safe frustrations that I have had to deal with.

In conclusion, BalanceMyHormones is a platform where men and women suffering the effects of unbalanced hormones can receive testosterone treatment by open minded GMC registered doctors and licenced UK pharmacies. Online medicine opens the way to convenience and expertise for the patients in the field of hormone balancing.

Finally, you don’t have to win the post code lottery to benefit from BalanceMyHormones service. If you are located in the UK or Europe you can benefit from using this service to help with your testosterone replacement therapy. I started this site so I can help frustrated men and women suffering from hormonal imbalances find an open minded knowledgeable doctor in the field of hormones therefore, avoiding some of the pitfalls I’ve experienced. Please keep reading and contact me if you have any questions.

Mike Kocsis, MBA

Director and Medical Facilitator

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