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Has your steroid cycle made a right mess of your natural Testosterone levels?

So you thought that steroid cycle would turn you into an Adonis, yet 4 weeks after your last steroid injection you’re feeling older than your age, depressed, and lacking energy, not mention the non-existent sex drive.

Would you like to put an end to the ups and downs, and yo-yo cycling? This lifestyle can wreak havoc on your health, your sex drive, and your natural hormone balance. The irreparable diminution of your natural hormones may require life long Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). If you do nothing and are lucky then you may bounce back after a long 9 months to 2 year wait. If you want to have your testosterone restored then we may be able to help.

BalanceMyHormones can help you access understanding and non-judgemental doctors offering PCT (Post course therapy) or full testosterone replacement therapies.