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Coronavirus Testing Kit Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Coronavirus PCR Testing

Informed Consent and Nature of Relationship
Balance My Hormones Ltd is in the business of facilitating and introducing patients through the process for accessing medical services for their Clients under the supervision of independent UK registered and regulated doctors, laboratories and pharmacies.

The Client understands that he or she is choosing to become a client and access the laboratory and diagnostic services supplied by Balance My Hormones Ltd who shall act on behalf of the Client to assist in the management of the logistics of supplying a coronavirus PCR diagnostic test.

Although some services provided by Balance My Hormones Ltd. may be regulated directly by the CQC, this laboratory service is not one of them.

In the case of blood testing, and other pathology testing including coronavirus testing kits, Balance My Hormones is not the provider of care and is acting under the clients permission to arrange and coordinate the logistics of the laboratory services which are in themselves regulated by the CQC and ACAS(the regulator for laboratories).

By purchasing this test you are authorising Balance My Hormones Ltd to arrange pathology testing for the PCR coronavirus testing services. You understand that Balance My Hormones is the facilitator under the supervision of the laboratory but is not a provider of care and does not provide medical advice.

You also understand that the coronavirus PCR test kits and the results are not guaranteed and the result is a snap shot in time, and any exposure after the sample is taken would not be represented on the test result.

You agree that you will ultimately be responsible for the quality of the sample(s) that you provide and any fee(s) resulting from your test(s).

You agree and understand that the laboratory will send you your testing kit, and yo agree to post back in the return envelope or box provided with paid postage. Should you wish to expedite your sample back to the lab you agree to purchase at your own expense expedited postage or courier charge. There is no refund or partial refund for not using the returned pre-paid postage. You understand that the lab will be processing your results including processing of your data. You agree and authorise us to share your data with the lab for the purpose of performing your blood test and you agree to allow the laboratory to send your results via encrypted email or to a secure portal.

You also agree that diagnostic test and kits are nonrefundable once they have been posted to you.
Should your test result come back as positive you understand that Balance My Hormones is not acting as a health care provider and does not have services to provide treatment. You agree to follow the published government guidance of which there is a link on our page.

Balance My Hormones Ltd. will be processing healthcare related data (special category).

By giving us consent to process your data, you consent to:
• Allowing us to process your data for the purposes of accounting, blood testing, medical services, and or medical diagnosis on our encrypted data systems
• Allowing us and/or the laboratory to confidentially email you your payment receipt, your delivery dispatch notice and your results to your chosen email address in addition to contacting you by phone when necessary
• You understand that we will be unable to erase client medical records, which are required as evidence of our clinical practice.

NOTE: Please understand that BALANCE MY HORMONES Ltd. is not acting as a provider of care but an introducer to the pathology testing laboratory and is here to help by coordinating your tests.