Collecting a finger prick blood sample in 5 easy steps

For some people the thought of sticking ones finger can be a bit daunting. But with the right preparation, collecting your finger prick blood sample can be a doddle. You should do the following if you want a successful blood draw.

  • Drink plenty of fluid before the test- Proper hydration full stop is important. For obtaining the best results from your blood test it is even more important. Patients that are not properly hydrated may find the flow flow of blood is a bit slow and get frustrated with having to stick their fingers more than once.
  • Have all the materials needed for the blood collection laid out in front of you.
  • Identify the correct finger to use. Usually the 3rd and 4th fingers in the meatier parts are the best to prick.
  • Orient your finger to the blood tube. Make sure where you stick yourself lines up with the opening of the tube.
  • Milk your finger. I know this sounds awkward, and is awkward to demonstrate but getting the blood to flow and move down the finger is important for proper collection.

Have a look at the video for collecting your blood sample.