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natural remedies for menopause

Natural Remedies For Menopause

Menopause is a condition that affects millions of women each year and for the vast majority of women, it is something that is unavoidable as they age. Women experience menopause as a natural side effect of aging and the effects that the process has on their hormones and ability of their bodies to naturally balance […]

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symptoms of low estrogen levels after menopause

Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels After Menopause

For women that have dealt with menstrual cycles their entire life, you would think that it would bring happiness to enter menopause. In fact, it can sometimes actually cause more issues, or at the least different issues than the ones that you previously went through. Women that are going through menopause can often experience symptoms […]

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what does estrogen do?

What Does Estrogen Do?

Estrogen is one of the most important hormones in the body. For women, it is the singularly most important hormone in the body. If you want to have overall health, then you absolutely need to have good hormone health. Having good hormone health is absolutely crucial to enjoying a healthy, well-functioning body. So, if you’re […]

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how does menopause affect the body

How Does Menopause Affect The Body?

Menopause is a biological process that occurs in women who are in their late 40s or early 50s. It marks the end of their childbearing age. Every year more than 25 million women enter this phase of life, and 85% of them experience at least one menopause-related symptom. During menopause, a decline in the production […]

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high testosterone in women

High Testosterone In Women: Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatments

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body. It fuels several crucial functions and without it, the body wouldn’t function properly. That’s why it is so important to address the issue when testosterone levels are too high or too low. That’s right, even though testosterone is an essential hormone, there is such […]

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Low Estrogen and Progesterone Levels Treatment Options

Estrogen and progesterone are two of the most important hormones in the female body, and there are a number of body processes that are associated with the two hormones. Since they are so heavily involved in the bodily functions of a female in so many ways, any inconsistency in the levels of the hormones can […]

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what does testosterone do

What Does Testosterone Do?

Though almost everyone has heard of testosterone and knows that it is a hormone in our bodies, not many people realize the full extent of testosterone and everything that it is responsible for in our bodies. While testosterone may be a casual topic of conversation for some, others know that it is one of the […]

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mix and inject HCG with TRT

How To Mix and Inject HCG With TRT

In this article and step by step guide along with our video we are going to show you how you can mix, inject and reconstitute HCG. This example shows a subcutaneous injection of HCG which is taken alongside TRT medication to help maintain fertility. Here are the steps: Clean your table surface and prepare the […]

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what causes hormone imbalance

What Causes Hormone Imbalance?

Each year, millions of people struggle with the side effects and consequences of hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance is a common issue, but the circumstances and side effects surrounding hormone imbalance are lesser-known. This is rather astonishing, considering that almost 50% of people suffer from the condition during their lives. For anyone that is going through […]

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