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6 Devastating Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Testosterone replacement therapy is receiving increased publicity all over the world because the needs of men. Some of this publicity is  positive, but much of it is very negative.

However, this negative coverage stems largely from dogma and lacks basis in science.

As a result, men in dire need choose to forego treatment because they’re concerned about the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy.

Although when administered by a competent doctor, TRT has little if any side effects.

Indeed, men should be more concerned about not undergoing treatment when they need it. Because as we’ll find out, the side effects of low testosterone in men are devastating.

6 Devastating Side Effects of Low Testosterone In Men

1# Lack of Sex Drive

Testosterone plays a vital role in the male sex drive. Men with low testosterone are likely to notice a dramatic drop in their libido.

These men may also suffer from depression and anxiety as a side effect of being unable to be experience physical intimacy with their partners.

2# Erection Issues

As well as being a main component in male sex drive, testosterone also plays a key role in erectile function . Low testosterone is a driving factor behind erectile dysfunction in men.

Lack of blood flow to the penis as a result of low testosterone results in weaker erections and in some cases none at all.

3# Lack of Energy

Low testosterone results in lethargy and lack of energy. Tasks that were once simple now become incredibly demanding and it’s harder to stay motivated.

Even if you get the right amount of sleep, you may fall asleep in the middle of the day.  Energy is everything and without it life can become a chore.

Side effects of low testosterone in men lack of energy.

4# Decreased Muscle Mass

Muscle is not just for bodybuilders. It confers anti-inflammatory benefits on the body, protecting against disease, and serves to raise your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) among other things.

Low testosterone decreases muscle mass, thereby removing this extra layer of disease prevention.

Aside from this, decreased muscle mass reduces mobility. Indeed,  sarcopenia has been correlated with increased mortality in older populations.

#5 Brain Fog

Brain fog is arguably one of the worst side effects of low testosterone. You don’t truly know what mental clarity is until you lose it.

Being unable to focus properly means you cannot take on cognitively demanding tasks. Consequently, your professional and personal life will begin to suffer because of your inability to think clearly.

6#  Anxiety

Testosterone is heavily involved in emotional well-being. And when it’s remove from the equation, the effects can be dramatic.

Grinding anxiety is one of the hallmarks of low testosterone. This anxiety can come in many shapes and forms.

From low-level daily worries to major panic attacks. This anxiety eventually infects all areas of your life, until you cannot make a decision without worrying over its outcome.

Side effects of low testosterone in men anxiety.

Final Thoughts

The side effects of low testosterone in men are not to be taken lightly. They should not be dismissed along with the wistful notion of getting old.

Hesitancy is also common in men with low testosterone. And many men hesitate getting treatment due to the fear of the unknown.

However, what is known is if low testosterone is left unchecked it can be deadly. Studies show low testosterone is associated with decreased physical function and increased risk for mortality.

So if you’re suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone and concerned about the effect it’s having on your life – don’t wait!  Get in contact with us today.

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