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Low Testosterone Treatment Balance My Hormones

Assess your symptoms


Hormonal issues can affect all parts of your health, from mental to physical. Sexual dysfunction, immune system issues and increase anxiety and depression are just a few of the symptoms that hormones issues can cause. Some standardised questionnaires are available such as the ADAMs questionnaire (for testosterone) that can give an indication that you may be a suitable candidate for certain hormone therapies. Balance My Hormones (BMH) will help you organise and carry out this assessment before you see the doctor.

Get blood work done


If you suspect or would like to know if you have low testosterone first you must have blood tests. Balance My Hormones is an all inclusive service that organises blood tests as part of your journey. Blood work must consist of two hormones panels showing Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone but on one of the tests must also contain a comprehensive screening of a number of markers. These markers must include a full blood count, kidney and liver function, inflammatory markers, iron panel, full thyroid panel (not just TSH and T4), PSA, calcium panel, certain vitamin levels, and other hormones (adrenal etc).  All these markers are assessed, as causes of hormone deficiencies can be multi-factorial and it is not as simple as just replacing low hormones. For example if there is an underlying medical condition that is causing hormonal disruption, that will need to be addressed. See our testosterone blood test ordering page or contact us via phone or email if you would like to discuss your concerns.

See a doctor who specialises in TRT/HRT


See a BMH doctor that specialises I’m TRT / HRT. Unlike BMH doctors, the majority of doctors are not familiar with how to assess for hormonal issues and treat patients effectively. Even endocrinologists, who are considered to specialise in the endocrine system, if they think you are a TRT / HRT candidate often treat with antiquated protocols and medications such as gels or Nebido for TRT and patches for HRT in women.  These patches also contain non-bioidentical progestins and not progesterone.  Monitoring through blood testing and assessment and to allow a patient to become optimised is often lacking.  It is commonly reported that doctors not familiar with Testosterone Replacement Therapy will believe a persons treatment is optimised when their blood levels of hormones get into the laboratory reference ranges, ranges that are determined by the samples that are tested within that laboratory. Seeing a doctor who specialises in this area will ensure you receive effective treatment.

When having your consultation you have the opportunity to ask questions so if you do have some it can be a good idea to write them down. The type of therapy and plan for you is a joint decision between yourself and the doctor so feel free to explore ideas, you both have to consent to treatment.

Start your treatment

Balance My Hormones TRT treatment

When using Balance My Hormones and our doctors you will have both agreed and you will have scheduled blood testing at 6 week, then at between 5-6 months, at a year and then yearly to keep tracking your progress and testosterone levels.  There is always the option for extra blood tests along the way if you would like more frequent checkups.  The doctor will be reviewing blood samples and monitoring your care along the way, with consultations at these points also.  BMH has an experienced team to help organise and coach you through your journey on TRT.  Treatment will be monitored over the long term and fine tuning TRT dosages will be performed.  People often look to forums for information whilst on TRT but that can be full of mixed misinformation, Balance My Hormones advises against this and urges patients to speak to our staff who have full experience (often on TRT themselves!) and can manage your expectations accurately.  BMH also shares a lot of this information about patient experience on their youtube channel, so be sure to check it out below.

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