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Welcome to Balance My Hormones
Balance My Hormones connect you with endocrinology hormone treatment specialists based in the UK to provide treatments difficult to access through NHS doctors.
  • Enquire with our medical facilitator for evaluation.
  • Attend your online consultation with the doctor.
  • Receive a prescription from a licensed UK pharmacy.
If you wish to meet our doctors in-person for we can arrange all logistics from blood testing to hormone treatments. Alternatively use our online consultation services as standard. We want you to have full confidence in our procedures so please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

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How hormone imbalance could be affecting you
It's not always obvious what could be causing such symptoms as lack of energy, mood swings or a low sex drive. We often put these down to diet, lack of sleep or stress but there could be other underlying issues. If you’re suffering from the below issues then consider getting in touch about our hormone treatments:
  • Lack of energy
  • Difficulty controlling body weight
  • Moods swings, depression and low mood
  • Hair loss
  • Anxiety and loss of concentration
  • Low sex drive and increased impotency
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